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 Boston Online Marketing

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Big Company Experience with Personal Service

Led by veteran internet marketing expert Steven O'Brien, Boston Online Marketing helps small to mid-size businesses generate amazing returns using the web in the metro Boston and national markets.


Our team has advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Online Marketing.

 We help our clients increase their search engine rankings, website traffic and exposure (on sites like Google, Yahoo, and BING!). We also prevent competitors (and other unfriendly parties) from claiming online listings, promoting negative news, and spreading bad reviews. 


In today's marketplace, the internet is the leading source of first customer contact for most businesses. This point of “first contact” can be your actual web site, an industry directory, or a social networking site.  Most companies are not effectively managing their total online presence.  This leaves them vulnerable not only to negative reviews but also their company being completely misrepresented (resulting in losing potential customers and sales before they make contact).  We protect our client’s online reputations and their critical first point of customer contact. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is critical that your internet marketing program must utilize and protect all these potential sources for it to be effective.


Our team has worked with some of the finest advertising agencies in the world, such as Hill Holliday, Arnold Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Young & Rubicam.  We have also worked with some of the best know brands in the United States.  This experience gives Boston Online Marketing a unique and effective perspective promoting your business in a highly competitive online marketplace.


  Search Engine Optimization, Online Social Networking,  Online Reputation Management, Law Firm Marketing, Online Advertising, Web site design, Software / App Development, IT Solutions.

Sample of Projects

Law Firm:

Increased leads generation 40% in six months for a mid-sized law firm who switched from a national competitor (FindLaw).

Customer Products:

A National products company were receiving poor results from their PPC campaigns that were crucial to their business. We were brought in to evaluate the campaigns. After quickly identifying mistakes in their large advertising agency’s Google Adwords campaigns, we were brought in to implement our suggestions.  After two weeks of dramatic improvement in ad performance, we were hired.



A Restaurant in a large metro area was struggling with local search engine placement resulting is poor sales.  After four months of working with our team, we were able to significantly increase their search engine visibility resulting in dramatically increased reservations and sales.



150+ apartment development near a large metro area was in financial jeopardy and was struggling to rent units.  After one year we were able to completely turn things around. Within two years the entire complex was full with a six-month waiting list. 


Law Firm:

A Criminal law firm was struggling with their online presence and low website traffic numbers. Within the first year of working with Boston Online Marketing, our team was able to increase website traffic by 500% making a serious impact on their bottom line. 

Meet The Team


Steven O'Brien

Steve is a 20 year veteran in the internet marketing business and a former executive at Thomson-Reuters (FindLaw/WestLaw). His unique knowledge of the legal and internet industry helps his clients dominate their competitors.


Kevin Porter

Kevin is a former executive at Local Reach, one of the largest PPC company's in the nation. He brings a vast array of skills and incite that other PPC vendors just don't have. He is always looking for ways to give clients an edge bidding over their competition.


Mark Richardson

Former Creative Guru at the advertising giant Hill Holliday, Mark brings incredible energy and creativity to every design & Video project. He invented thinking "outside the box"!

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